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Yes. There was a two week period of rain when we were trying to finish these jobs back in October, so the poly sand didn't go in until a few weeks later.

As far as doing things different, on the first job I laid the pavers exactly like the pattern guide i downloaded showed, which caused a lot of repetition which I can notice when I walk the paths. On the second time around, I just made sure the shapes fit, and it flew by.

I was under the impression that you have to start the arbels in the very center of where you're working and work out from there, so there was a lot of time spent carrying pavers up and down the paths. As we moved along, we realized that as long as you keep the pattern, you can start anywhere.

I also brought the plants in a little early and had to be extra careful not to ruin them, causing us to move a little slower.

Anxious for another Arbel job so we can tighten things up even more.
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