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Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
These are ones im mailing with a stamp. I will do a 6x9 card for EDDM and leave the required spaces. Started training this morning the Crescent City Classic on April 30th. 6.2miles. Plan to raise money and donate to the Wounded Warrior Foundation and the Alzheimers Association.
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Hey, I did that run a few years ago. It was my sister's first run when she lived in Pearl River. As soon as the race started the city sent in the meter maids to write up like a 1000 tickets for those that parked in areas that were allowed the year before. Nothing was marked!!! This was the outgoing Ray Nagin adm that did this, but Mayor Landrieu voided all the tickets once he took over.

Anyway, finish as soon as you can. That free beer and food was awesome, but in limited supply.

Did they cap the amount of runners? Over 30k when I ran it. Crazy.

Good luck on the donation. WWF needs every penny they can get.
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