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Originally Posted by nightshutter View Post
I bet the trap door would help out a ton. Work looks good always. Keep it up
Thanks! It's been nice having this box this year... and now we know what little things to add for next year to make it even better.

Originally Posted by jaec View Post
Your work is outstanding, how do you remove the grass and debris from the plant beds? Do you till the area and then shovel everything out. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for checking out the thread. In new landscapes, there's more than one way to create the bed- sometimes by hand (spading or using a sod knife on the grass or top layer of ground,) sometimes with a sod cutter, and sometimes we spray it out and are ready to till, add soil, and build the bed. Every situation is different... most involve lots of elbow grease! Our Dingo machine also helps to remove any existing plants, etc...
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