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Walker Mower Kohler Engine problem

I got a walker mower 48inch GHS with a 20 Horsepower kohler engine. The machine has been used for a while. I got 1400+ hours on it. Anyway about a week ago I was using it and it literally just stopped moving. Long story short I started checking things and trying different things out. It still cranked, but would not start, which confused me. So I took the fuel lines out, made sure they were clean, changed the fuel filter, the fuel pump, everything worked fine. Filed the spark plugs, still wouldnt start.

So I get it back to my shop and take the valve covers off, the valves arent moving. Now I think the camshaft is shot, so I tear it down. Then I notice that the gear on the crank shaft is cracked and not spinning. Now I am disgusted, because you cant just buy that gear you have to buy the whole 300 dollar crank. I also notice one of the valve stems is bent also.

So I go to dealer, I have this engine torn down further then he knows what I am talking about (thats another story) He tells me buying the crank only probably wouldnt last longer then 3 months because I dont know how the pistons and valvues are. A short block is 1200 and a new engine is over 2k. I dont know what to do its worthless with no engine.

Anyone ever replace a crank on a walker before? Did it last? Anyone got any advice it would be greatly apperciated.

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