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One more thing with Laramie, the peaks in the background, you can see from the city. The peaks are wayyyy out in the distance and are about 60 miles away. It's really cool to see them up close like that. When my bro graduates (depending on how many more classes he takes, either June or Sept) we'll go back out to those peaks and walk on some of the trails.

Before, During, & After pics of patio removal & patio w/ retaining wall & stairs that I helped a buddy (in the vid I posted of the water, we go to school together) that started a company and we split the profit. This was a project and a headache as both of us' first retaining wall w/ stairs and first time using this paver stone (cobblestone).

Before. The house is sinking somewhat (6 years old) and took the patio & stairs with it. I don't have anything up close with the drop off in those but it was bad.

Extremely narrow roads.

Stairs deconstruction

No equipment access what so ever! It sucked! My buddy and I moved 3 yards of wet class 5 up a slippery hill via wheel barrow in the rain and made ruts in the lawn, with a wheel barrow....
We ended up finding a couple high school kids that were off school to move material for us, 2 more yards of class 5, 1 yard of sand, & 2 yards of St. Cloud Granite rock for the new rock bed we had created.

Stair's just about complete

The rest are all night shots as we worked until 845 on a Friday night to finish this up.

H/O wanted to keep the remaining rolls of sod.

For those that follow motocross, 16 yr old Jantz Grodzicki from CA crashed very hard on Friday afternoon at the Winter Olympics at Gatorback MX in Gainesville, FL and severed his spine & dislocated his shoulder, nearly deceased he was airlifted to a hospital where he was on life support and he was found to have active nerves in his eyes only and he could barely survive, until today at 12:56pm Eastern time where he passed peacefully. I cannot imagine what his family is going through and can't fathom how scary the crash was. I think it was on one of the downhill triples or step down and he had gone over the bars and tried to bail but his legs got caught in the handlebars. I did not know him but the entire sport is a big family basically and is certainly mourning the loss whether you knew him or not.

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