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Originally Posted by Dave88LX View Post
Thanks for the tips Darryl. I'll take it easy. Yessir, picked it up after work today. The more I read and researched, the more I was sold on one of these higher grade units.

My wife asked how much it was, I said "4 something", which, without tax, is accurate! Then her jaw dropped and I got the "You spent $400 dollars on that thing! Said that it's more cost effective for me to work and make the money to pay for it than I would be for days out there raking. Called me a dork, Ghostbuster, and a few other names, and went about our business.
Nice try on the work thing but you took the wrong's a "quality of life" you can spend more time with her and the kids. Hey it worked for me when I wanted a $20,000 tractor, lol.

P.S. - And your yard will probably improve now that you can keep it free of debris....seriously.
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