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It's the same thing I should have said some days ago to a customer who asked how much I charged for my services...
What I should have said, putting it gently and all is...
As a general rule, if you have to ask...
Then I should have calmly walked away.

Sure enough, the next thing that came out of their mouth was "I am checking to see if I can afford you."
I'd fill you in on the rest but it'd take too long, short of it was it only got worse from there.

Damn, I should have ran.

But at least I can tell you it ain't no 117 acres.
Small job really, even by my standards.
I'll probably lose $5, $10 dollars, yes literally.

Might sound silly but lose out on some whoppers and you might see where I'm coming from.

And that's what it boils down to, you want to find out about something, you don't know the next thing about it... But you need the work, so go take on a job the size you can afford to lose out on, case things go south you might lose your socks but not your shirt, lesson I have learned is start small and work your way up.

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