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It all depends on the size of the property, I picked up 4 lawns this year with my 36" Toro because the previous season a large company used their 52's and 60's to make a few passes. In that smaller area they were causing ruts and turfing in the corners, all 4 lawns were different established companies. I could have used a 52" and gone slower than my 36", but their isn't much time saving(5 mins per lawn). With that extra time I spent my 36" gave them a nicer cut and it looks better having 9 passes with a 36" than 4-5 passes with a 52". And yes, you can say that a 36" is specializing, its specializing in cut quality over production, by about a lawn a day. I'd rather keep my customers and spend a few more minutes on their lawn and talk to them for a couple mins if their home.

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