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Stihl BR500

Anyone else using one of these?

Long story long, I had a routine leaf clean up to do yesterday but my Scag Z is already winterized. So I was going to just ride around with my ghetto Craftsman rider with bagger rigged up with a tarp. Works OK but I used to use the Scag and blow everything to the center of the yard while mulching the leaves, then suck them up with the Craftsman. I'd use my handheld blower to do the beds and get stuff out away from the house. So yesterday I show up to do the final cleanup thinking I had gotten mostly all of the leaves in the past few weeks. Well this place was a mess and at 2+ acres, was way more than my handheld and crapsman was gonna handle. So I sucked it up, called around and the biggest Stihl backpack I could find NOW was the BR500. I was looking for the 550 or 600 but nobody had one in stock. So I checked on my iPhone quick to see the specs and it seemed to be big enough to suit my needs. Later did I find out the 500 is some kind of "quite" model for noise sensitive areas. I could care less how loud it is, but it is what it is.

I used the backpack and handheld together and it worked OK, but for $500, I was expecting the backpack to work a little better and have more blow. It almost feels like the engine has a governor on it and won't spool up as fast as I expected. Are these backpacks the 4 mix engines like the trimmers have or are they a traditional 2 stroke? Is there any way to de-pussify this thing to make it blow harder or am I stuck with it as it sits?
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