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It really depends where in Pennsylvania you are located..Places out west and up north might have bigger gates I cant tell you Ive never been there, but on the eastern part of the state around Philly, Del and Most of all South Jersey anything with a chainlink fence has a 36 inch gate and you will not fit a 36" w/b threw one, beings most are actually 37-38" wide.. a 32" just scrapes by in most cases.. Just something to think about. I cut alot in Jersey/Philly and
I see absoutaly no use for a 36" mower in this area..for the simple fact that you know a 32 will fit EVERYWARE Plus a 36 isnt much if any faster then a 32 on most small lawns. when you get to the point you need a biger mower then a 32 its time to go straight to a 48. Unless Im going into a gate i dont use anything smaller then a 48 even on 500sf and they look just fine.

Trust me Ive seen guys with 36"ers on the trailer breaking their balls pushing a backyard because there shiney new machine dosnt fit. for every 15 minutes pushing a 22inch equals about 2 minutes on a 32

Hydro vs belt- Unless you plan on cutting in alot of wet conditions,Or in a rain storm lol. I perfer the cost savings and simplicity of beltdrives. I think I would only get a hydro on a bigger maching that I was planning on pulling a Sulky with. side note, t-bar belt drives feel like a hydro minus the instant reverse

As far as Toro T-bar is concerned I love them and have a belt drive 62" and its a pleasure to use over pistol grips real comefortable. I honestally dont know if Ill ever go back to belt drive pistols again..but I think the t-bar only really shines on the bigger machines 48" and above, Mabye 36 and above..Something small like a 32 I would much rather have pistol grips because they really allow you to strong arm the machine. You have a lot of levarage with pistols that you lose with other drive designs.with a machine that light you can basically put it anyware and do anything with it
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