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Invoicing and management software??

I'm currently expanding my part-time operation. I had been doing my invoicing, schedules and record keeping on my laptop but doing it with spreadsheets I had set up, notebooks, etc. That was fine for a few customers, but now I am in need of something better. I'm currently trying Quickbooks online simple start. I don't really like it. Not that there's anything wrong with that program, it just does way too much and the only features I'll actually use is the invoicing. I do like the mobile app on my iPhone and I got set up to take CC's. But in order to use the mobile features, it seems like I need to jump between 2 or 3 different apps to make an invoice, log payment and actually get paid. I also am set up with Square, but I thought I'd just use Intuit's reader instead. But I don't like how Intuit is set up, just seems more of a hassle than it's worth.

I'm looking for something similar to quickbooks, only simpler. I really just need something that will allow me to easily create and track invoices. It would be best if it has a mobile app feature as well. Even better would be if I can accept credit card payments in person on my phone and have it automatically linked to whatever software I use in order to log and track invoices. If it also does work orders, estimates, etc, that'd be fine but doesnt have to.

- Customer Information data (name, address, phone, etc)
- Easy, professional invoicing
- Invoice tracking (open balances, paid, etc)
- Affordable
- Online access

- Mobile App for customer info access, invoices
- Credit Card feature or link to Sqaure or other
- Job estimate forms
- Work Order forms
- Monthly reports, expense tracking, revenue tracking, etc

I'm no tlooking for a full blown accounting package. Quickbooks does too much for what I need and it's sort of a pain to use. I don't see any real benefit to using quickbooks at this time. My operation simply doesn't warrant it.So if you know of, or use, any good online programs, please share. I mainly do mowing and snow plowing as my $ makers. I also do mulch, brush mowing, shrub trimming, power washing, bed shaping/prep, debris/brush/minor tree removal and whatever else I can handle.
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