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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
Their return policy isn't well advertised. The BR600 isn't the most powerful blower out there but people seem to love them due to their power to weight ratio and comfort. It is a 4-mix though and will need periodic valve adjustments. They recommend one after 139 hours of operation.
My wife says I'm not the most powerful thing on the market either, but I still get it done

I'd never heard of their return policy, so I'm really glad you mentioned it. I'm still a pretty small solo outfit, but I've been making due with a handheld so far. That's fine for tiny yards and mowing cleanups, but I finally had enough, got fed up and grabbed a back pack. I'm also looking for a used walk behind blower for next year. Other than skimping on the size of the blower, my biggest mistake was not buying one at the BEGINNING of leaf season and waiting till the END....what an idiot Hope the boss doesn't fire me
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