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Okay, I think we have all come to the conclusion on the main questions. Now I will change everything up.

I have several 40" wooden fences that I mow. I can squeeze my 36" Toro t-bar through their gates, but why make it a pain. I have talked with each and everyone of my customers and they have all let make a section of their fence removable. Spend 15 minutes on each property in the preseason or on a day when your not working and removal one section of fence(does not work for gates, so don't try).

Their are several different methods of connection that you could do.

The first would be to a bracket that looks similar to an upside-down "h". You drill two or four of these brackets onto the posts going into the ground and then the 2x4's that run length wise on the section will slide in.

A second way is to use a male/female bracket to hook the fence section back into the posts, this way may look more discrete depending on what brackets you can find.

Make sure you mark where the brackets should go before you remove the section of fence.

If anybody has an thoughts or ways that they do it, feel free to share.

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