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here is my .02 and some things are going to want be to slap my mouth.

moons ago we switch from rubber tires to a wide track t-190, had 1000hrs and loaded up, ran it for 2400hrs and 0 problems.
went to a 257 with 250hrs and loaded up, i got with bair aftermarket idlers all 8 and one new track. Ran it for 1000hr almost two years and i think I spent around 5-6k on it, just parts, we did all work in our shop. that being said, it was a decent machine, undercarriage sucked and a/c was worse.

So I started shopping last winter for a new machine, cat 259 great machine in my opinion, but a/c and door was the same as my 257, not spending 45k and being unhappy. looked at bigger cats 277 and 279, 277 still had undercarriage probs and a hell of a lot more moving parts then my 257! Was pretty much sold on a 279 till I had to go get parts for my 257(surprise surprise) and went in local dealers shop, they had 3 9(279,289,299) series cats in there all 3 had torsion axle problems and cat was not going to warranty them, cant remember somewhere in 8-9k range.
I looked at takis(dealer sucks I have a tak mini x and know all about them) looked at kubota and deere. Kubota are ugly, slow controls and seem a few years back in user friendly designs, but priced very good.
I ended up with a 329d deere, big and bad! It is very thirsty though!

To some up my novel, find a decent dealer(very important), they all have their problems. Correct me if i am wrong(not a lot of experience pushing snow thats is my down days and it does not happen very often) but a ctl is going to suck pushing snow, the cat would be the way to go for snow, but It will cost you a lot of money and downtime. I would look at bobcats(yuck) takis and deere maybe even throw in an alpha model case!

Good luck
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