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[QUOTE=jiggz;4594714]It really depends where in Pennsylvania you are located..Places out west and up north might have bigger gates I cant tell you Ive never been there, but on the eastern part of the state around Philly, Del and Most of all South Jersey anything with a chainlink fence has a 36 inch gate and you will not fit a 36" w/b threw one, beings most are actually 37-38" wide.. a 32" just scrapes by in most cases.. Just something to think about. I cut alot in Jersey/Philly and
I see absoutaly no use for a 36" mower in this area..for the simple fact that you know a 32 will fit EVERYWARE Plus a 36 isnt much if any faster then a 32 on most small lawns. when you get to the point you need a biger mower then a 32 its time to go straight to a 48. Unless Im going into a gate i dont use anything smaller then a 48 even on 500sf and they look just fine.

Agreed. A 36" is not useless, but you would be pushing many small gated yards around here. A 32" will fit through almost any gate.

I changed things up this year and sold off my 33" mower. I now run with a 48" Grandstand and Toro Sr4. No more fighting with another mower on the trailer and maintaining another mower either. I turn down any account that has a large backyard and narrow gates where my 48" won't fit. I have grandfathered some existing clients in, but their price will be increasing greatly next year. These accounts take much too long to do and slow you down in the course of a long day. Many guys in my area will not accept any fenced in yards as their large machines will not fit through most gates. There is a small niche to be filled with these types of accounts but the money generated is not worth it compared to the time spent. These yards take up valuable slots in my schedule.
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