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so I really do need 145lb of lime like they are showing on the bottom right of the last graph? ok.

as for those recommendation numbers, they are just reference numbers for how to do conversions...118 was a conversion from cups/lbs in a spreader as an example. I guess just teaching me how to figure out how to spread the stuff.

can I get this stuff from lowes? I've seen lime there before but no clue if its dolomitic. also, what is SOP?

should I apply the lime all at once? also, how do I get the trace elements like its saying I need? I assume thats supposed to come from the compost?

would it be ok for me to apply all the stuff, till it in...wait a week or two and then toss down a bunch of rye grass to get something growing at least? or would that just suck up whatever I put down and I'm back at square one?

I'm working on repairing my busted well over the winter (one of thousands of home projects it seems) as trying to water during the summer is killing me with my waste water and water bill.

personally, I'd like to just go with bermuda grass as the seed is available easy and cheap and it grows nicely in my backyard.

what do I do about the stupid amount of phosphorus in my yard according to the sample? just leave it be and let it get used up over time?
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