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Originally Posted by kyles landscape View Post
Not to mention if you snow plow that's all gravy money if you can cover your costs during mowing season
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exactly. I did all pre pay seasonal snow contracts this year. We have 3 big commercial contracts, and about 85 residentials to do with a dodge ram and a john deere 3320 and i have in hand $22k in checks (pre payment is due november 30th to be on our route) plus the commercials which are paid per storm. Plowing is the biggest gravy money. I dont pay any bills in the winter. I have a payment plan for everything yearly to be paid 50% upfront in April and then 6 months of payments from there. ..No bills from November to March.

We landscapers gotta think! Put our minds together and learn from each other. How do you justify paying bills in the winter, for summer equipment! SAVE SAVE SAVE AND PAY YOUR PAYMENTS FROM THE TIME YOU ARE WORKING! NOT SITTING WITH THE FAMILY AT HOME DOING NOTHING IN THE WINTER MONTHS

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