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Originally Posted by grassmasterswilson View Post
Thanks guys. I usually put down fertilizer in Feb, Sept, and Nov for a total of 3 lbs N per year. I've thought about increasing that slightly and adding a 4th app.... maybe another .5 lb or just do .75 lb each app?

The heat kills my fescue every year(don't have very many, but they don't want to change). I was wondering if adding an extra spring app(may) or fall app(Oct) would help to develop a stronger plant that would with stand the heat.
IMO a fall app will help to create a stronger plant..
also just my opinion.. If you want to help grow stronger plants in the spring I would aerate it in 2 directions probally now so the soil settles by march/april (depending on the type) and hit it with a fert in the spring along with some cutlass to remove top growth and focus it twords root developement
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