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Originally Posted by inzane View Post
i doubt i would leave a 58,000 a year job with day time hours for this.. but i'm leaving an 18 dollar an hour job overnight shift next year to take a stab at this. my wife works, and we are in good enough financial shape to pull it off, and if it doesn't work.. it doesn't work.. then i go back to work for the man, except on a normal day time position. i'd take a 12 dollar an hour job in a heartbeat if it was during the day.. and if i wasn't doing this business thats where i'd be.. so its not gonna hurt me to give a solid run at this the next few years.. not gonna be a walk in the park either..
Hell I got laid off an $32/hr job, problem these days is you have to ask yourself, how much job security do I REALLY HAVE? it doesn't matter how much your making if your always having to look for that next job, which is the case for most of corporate America nowadays. Your pretty much disposable to the company, and now that "Right to work" has taken over they can can you in an instant with no questions ask and you have no recourse. IMOP, Self employment is the only true way to insulate yourself from this situation. Yes it has it's headaches, but so does working for someone else, and if HE has a BAD day He may just take it out on YOU! If I have a bad day I brush it off and go on about my business, get up the next day and go for it again, and the next day and the next, been at for four years now, I still have plenty of work and don't have to worry about getting canned again. Looking back I never felt safe working for the other guy, they always had the upper hand.

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