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Originally Posted by ashgrove landscaping View Post
Stay solo with one helper part time seasonal. The only way to be profitable is by at least doubling your business and hire two people to run the daily show and You work on projects and special requests. Otherwise the cost of insurance and worker comp, truck, trailer maintenance costs, payroll and basic stress will bankrupt you. Everything is way overpriced in this world today and only getting worse. Worry about yourself and efficiency of what you have and you will make more money. There is a limit of the solo operator and I've been at that limit for many years now and am happy as can be. I'm not rich I'm not poor. Keep things simple and be happy.
I was at this point 3 years ago now It's myself and 4 guys. But I know the profit is the same as just a 2 man operation. A couple more years of the hustle and I'm gonna downsize to myself and 1 helper once I am debt free and have a good chunk of change in the bank. I just remember how simple things where when i only had 1 helper. Plus usually having one guy working with me keeps my morale up and his up rather than having a crew always cry about everything together. There is deffinately a tipping point and I tipped over for sure and it takes longer to ride out that wave before you can go small again. You live and learn when running a buisiness and I feel I will be very successful in a few years if I can recuperate and survive these few years.
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