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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
I agree with this to a point. Solo guys have their pick of the gravy jobs after a few years. If there are other pursuits than solo is the way to go. For me, this is what I do, my wife knows this and so does everyone I know. I want to grow this business to a point where I am happy. When I get there I'll most likely realize I'm not happy and keep going. I don't run a large business but I still take time off and enjoy myself. If you ask any LCO owner with more than 20 employees I'm sure their day is a little better than the solo guy IMHO.
Not many make it to 20 employees, theres only a few here on LS.
I know the only "big" companys in my aera owner, he works his rear end off and is alaways worried about the future. I dont want his business and he doesnt want my business.

A long term Solo feller can earn a decient somewhat secure living.
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