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Echo Trimmer Carb Needle Adjust & More

This is one of our high use model SRM261T that came into the shop because it wouldn't run. Thought I would post a few pictures of the carb and the needle locations. The carb is basically the same on the new model SRM265T.
I will post more pictures of the tear down later.

Name:  261 013.jpg
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This is the location of the high end needle adjustment. You have to go into here to get that plastic cap out. I have a tool that I will show you later. So when the machine is bogging this is the place to adjust.

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This is the low end needle adjustment location. When you have trouble starting or bad acceleration this is the adjustment needle. Again you have
to get the cap off before you can get this screwdriver into the slot.

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This give you an idea of the size of the tip on the screwdriver. You can have the dealer buy you one from echo or cut a regular driver down to size.

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This is a bad picture of the extractor tool to get those caps off. It basically has a fine screw thread that drills into the plastic plug as you rotate it. Again the dealer gave this one so I don't know where to get them. If you try using a drill bit you run a large chance of damaging the slot on the top of needle so don't do that. Some folks heat up a spring hook then plunge it into the cap and then let it cool and pull it out.
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