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Originally Posted by inzane View Post
i hear ya there. my job is threatened and held over my head on a daily basis by my bosses. i could be gone next week. they know everything i do at all times, i have to punch in with a card to go to the bathroom.. they sit down with me everyday and analyze my every move under a microscope. they know how many boxes i stacked per hour 3 months ago between 2a.m. and 4a.m. and how many times i had to go take a leak. thats one thing i'm not going to miss.. even though, every yard i do i work as if the customer is watching me out the window.. lol.
Yep, every company is doing it now, micro managing their employees to death, I was so sick if those meetings where all I heard was a bunch of negativity day after day after day, I feel so sorry for those folks now, you'll find out that once you quit worrying about money, charge what you want and prove your worth it, it'll naturally come your way, it takes a looooong time to make the switch but once you do, you WON"T go back! It's a funny thing I'll work 80hrs to keep from working 40 LOL!
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