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Originally Posted by Weekend cut easymoney View Post
So how many years did it take to get to this place? Did you specialize ? Or just take on all types of work?

What you are asking is a standard amount of time to stop working so damn hard and allow others to do it? I've been in business 10years. like many since I was 15. I now have stopped landscaping and allow my procedures to work with my employees. My education is in Business and my trade is Masonry and Contracting. I personally am an Economics Instructor at a local college.

The answer:

The amount of time it takes is when the difference between the Total Revenue of your firm and the total cost of your firm makes you satisfied enough to relax and let your processes marketing and procedures take control. I, like many will never be satisfied.

You don't buy stock in Mcdonalds and say... "They should stop expanding."

You typically say, if what they do is profitable, they should continue growing.

The problem is that technicians do not run companies. They are good at performing. They don't make money being in business,rather gardening.
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