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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
In my area, 80 man hours can complete about 120 lawns. (12-20 minute lawns on a tight route). These lawns range from 20-30 per cut. So lets say average of 25 dollars for this experiment.

$25/a cut REALLY? 12-20 mins a lawn? REALLY all my customers are full service we spend an avg of 30 mins on each lawn, at an avg of $50/service grant it we don't have 120 customers YET!

Your talking two different areas, two different size lawns, full maintenance or just high end lawn maintenance(mow, trim, edge, blow) it's like comparing apples to oranges or saying to a rough carpenter u can do a house in two weeks and talk to a finish carpenter and the house could take a year.

All my lots are less than an acre, and most of them are 60x120 lots with the house and garage on a big portion of that. I have a dozen or so lawns that are in the 45-50 dollar range that take anywhere from 25-45 min
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