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I'm confused

Tony, I'm confused on your position...

You bashed me in one post saying that you should not utilize google/yahoo local and facebook because they will rank higher than your actual site.

One thing people should watch out for is the trap of easily burying your own site's rank under a pile of outside links and citations. Is having your business site 4 pages deep in Google Search, but all of these extraneous sites above you, in your best interest? If so, some refinement of approach to get your own site to page 1 might be in order. By this I mean, do what Google keeps repeating: Produce good content on your site. I guarantee this will be significantly more beneficial to your site's rank than Tweeting (screaming into the Grand Canyon) or posting status updates on Facebook (screaming at a much smaller group than you think).
Then in your next post, you said to take advantage of Google/Yahoo local and Facebook.

That is your advantage, so if you haven't already, create your Google+/Places/Yahoo & Bing Locals/Facebook pages...
Can you clarify where your stance is?

What I stated and thought I made clear in my post on this thread towards the end in that these sites, along with optimizing your site, should bring nice results. My website is listed first on Google in my city when you search lawn care. Then I have 5 other links on the first page for my business that goes to yelp and facebook among others. Out of the 10 organic listings on the first page, my business has 6 of them! That's pushing away my competitions websites onto further pages. You need to remember, those other sites like facebook are placeholders and push others out. I 100% agree, optimizing YOUR website is priority #1!
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