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BRADLEWIS.....I love your quotes from the book!!! Spot on!! I'm headed down that exact same path. Takes a lot of work and some smarts and lots of preparation but well worth it. There is a point where getting bigger will come with more headaches at first, but if you teach yourself and gain business knowledge and put some SERIOUS planning into the business then it can take care of itself. It can be worry free and happy with decent money. For a lot of solo guys - the reason they are happier staying that way is because that's how they are wired - they are wired to be happier working for themselves than directing others to work. Neither is BETTER than the other, it takes all kinds and to each his own. But all this to say that don't let some other solo landscaper across the country tell you that you can run a successful business in this industry without being tied to it, stressed out, with less money - because it's not true. It always CAN be done - depends on the owner, what he enjoys, envisions, and puts into action.
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