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I use goilawn when possible to triagulate trees, etc--I'll do a google map search after taking the call to see if it is possible or not, and several times show up to the first view with measurements--absoultley worth the $4 since I can also measure the lawns nearby to quote weed control, which it then put into my database of priced properties. Also, video camera + mixture of pictures, measure wheel, and long tapes can really shorten the time--in most cases I'll run video and chant off information. I use a 6'' nail to hold the tape where I want it, and it stays pretty well if I pull the tape hard enough to retract it to where I stand. If triangulating trees do several at 1 vantage point before changing points. If I'm too busy or don't want to mess with a particular design, I have a freelancer on call...I can generate more money while someone else works on the design.
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