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we own a tri axle cable style 2006 International Pay star. We have not had a single problem with it. I dont have any experience with the hook style roll off so i cant say much about them. On the other hand we have never had a cable break, or not been able to pick a bin up. The cable style system requires a bit more concentration , and forward thinking by the driver. Knowing what angles of the hoist produce less stress on the cable is key. I have never had a problem or issue with hoping out of the truck to hook up the cable because normally I am hoping out anyways to unload a machine, put a tarp on the load,etc. Mine is used strictly for hauling material ( concrete, asphalt, mastic, and some dirt) from my own jobs. I rarely use it to haul dirt unless i am working on a job that using the roll off makes it easier. If i need to haul large amounts of dirt i hire in trucks. I belive my truck has 24' rails , 40 tonne hoists, and we have a roller that can be hydraulically raised/lowered from the cab. This is useful when loading heavy boxes, as it keeps the front wheels on the ground.

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