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Good topic actually looked into this a lot when deciding to drop out of college or not. Came up with these numbers keep in mind this is where i live and probably changes throughout the country. The average 4 year degree costs about 43,000$ most degrees require a 5th year these days so we will say 50,000$. Where i am from the average degree earns you 15,000$ more annually then a small business owner. Im coming up on my 4th year of ownership and am averaging just over 35 grand net while working a part/full time job. So you take the 5 years that they are in school not making money times my average of 35,000 and you get 172,000$. Then you add in the 50,000 dollars in student debt and get 222,000$. You factor in that 15,000$ more a year that they make then me assuming that my business does not grow at all even though i have a 5 year head start and in roughly 15 years they will pass me on income made. Maybe this does not make sense to you but for me it was enough to sway me away from college and getting right into business that i knew i would want to be in eventually anyway. Like it said just in my part of the woods a lot of college degrees don't have jobs available for them so it does throw the average off I'm sure but it is the work force i would be going into.
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