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Originally Posted by kirkmbrown2001 View Post
Tony, I'm confused on your position...

You bashed me in one post saying that you should not utilize google/yahoo local and facebook because they will rank higher than your actual site.

Then in your next post, you said to take advantage of Google/Yahoo local and Facebook.

Can you clarify where your stance is?
Apparently your feelings were hurt. My apologies if that's what you took from that, but not only did I not "bash" you, if you look at that again, that wasn't a reply to you, but a general post on the idea.

As for clarification of my stance, I believe I pointed out "If so, some refinement of approach to get your own site to page 1 might be in order.". You need to strike a balance. I think you'd agree that having your own site above Angie's List would be more beneficial. If all of your citations dominate your web site in the rankings, I believe a bit of "tacking" is in order. I don't think you'll find a bigger proponent of The Big Three local pages than I am, and mention them quite often.

Citations are great, but I personally believe we'll see them losing strength sooner rather than later.
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