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I would like to see how I am doing compared to others in the business.
This is my 3rd year doing lawn care full time. Before that I did sprinkler blowouts only on a part time basis. My gross will be a bit over $230,000 this year. I have a mowing crew, a licensed pest control and fertilizing/broadleaf control applicator, and one sprinkler repair technician.
For vehicles I have: one van for sprinkler repair; a 1-ton chevy diesel and 16 ft enclosed trailer for mowing, dodge diesel w/flatbed and two skid sprayers, a 1500 silverado, and just bought a F-250 powerstroke. I use these last two for landscaping and yard clean-ups. I also have a 14 ft mowing trailer currently used for yard clean-ups.
I have two 185 tow-behind compressors. The compressors generate a lot of income for only a month of work.
My profit runs around 25%.
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