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You must be doing something very wrong.
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That was in my former career. Lots of drilling and excavating on abandoned properties old factories, gas stations etc. Reasonable measures were taken to avoid utilities but we'd still find them. Usually it was because they were marked out wrong or the facility plans were wrong.

We had a problem in my state with a contractor that a lot of the utilities were subcontracting to do their locating. Basically they spent most of their time hanging out in bars. It was a big news story at the time.

Never hit a water line other than a 3/4 inch copper one or fiber optic cable, but I think we hit everything else, including a sewer main at 26 feet below grade. I was about ready to sink a hole in front of a dry cleaners when I realized there was no blue paint on the property at all...knew they had to have water. Had to stop work and wait 2 days for them to come back out. Our proposed boring was right over the lateral. And luckily the driller noticed his drilling rod bouncing strangely when we were driving a sampling tube into a plastic gas line behind a Stop & Shop...marked wrong.

"Anyone planning an outdoor project that
requires digging with power or mechanized
equipment must notify CBYD before they start

I don't think that includes shovels.
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