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Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post
I think we're seeing different results. I'll shoot you an email with the screen caps if you'd like. Might be a difference we're seeing based on originating IP location. Might be an interesting experiment to dual monitor as Google loves "helping" the user get what's most relevant to them.
Google does seem to serve up what they know you have already searched for and viewed. Particularly if you 1+ your own site. You told Google this is a site you want to see.

I also notice they mix up the results on Google places often. I suspect it is helpful to clean out cookies, and temp internet files and also use different browsers and such when trying to check the results of your SEO efforts.

I think also it would be helpful to have others with different IP's to dual monitor as you say. Many times my search results are based on a city 30 miles from me because that is where the IP originates and some times it is closer to home.

The bottom line however is to look at your server web stats, and the webmaster tools both Google and Bing offers as well as how often does the phone ring.
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