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Originally Posted by wegomow View Post
I would venture to guess that not many want to or will post their gross annual income, and the ones that do might be fudging the numbers to look good. Just saying.
not true i'm sure you will alot of people will gross their businesses annual gross income, because gross doesn't mean that much.
Originally Posted by FLC2000 View Post
Gross means nothing. Its the net companies should be worried about.
that is very true. I'm 99% positive i will have broken the 6 figure mark this year, but no way did i net anywhere near six figures yet anyways. not too mention this years numbers are inflated greatly by that storm we had last year on october 31st. that has brought me over 40,000 in income this year is if not even 50 or 60,000 but next year i won't have that. so next year will be a test, but it will also be my third year in business and people are starting to notice me alot more, because of my rentless advertising and branding.
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