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seeking wise counsel

Gentlemen and ladies: I have made the decision to start a small lawn care business. I am retired, have a very good pension (39 k annual) but still need to net about $13,500 annually to supplement the pension to pay the bills. The additional 13.5 K will keep us at about the same standard of living as when I was employed. I'm still in pretty good health/shape and don't mind hard work and good Lord willing will be ready to go at it in 2013. My lovely bride has a good job, kids are out of the house with 1 still in college.

Goal is to primarily offer mowing service but leave the door open to other services (mulch, edging, installation, clean ups) as long as the other services/projects are small as I do not intend to hire/work with anyone-I am going solo. I would be happy doing nothing but mowing-but would be willing to look at other work.

I have saved enough to pay for all of the equipment I need (and already have most of the equipment). Overhead will be kept low. The plan is to stay lean.

I have no customers, but, I have not hit the pavement yet to get my name out. I intend to start advertising and networking soon and will continue to do so throughout the winter right up to mowing season/2013. The thought of no customers lined up is a significant concern. But, I have saved enough money to get through year 2013 in case the $13,500 net doesn't happen.

Does it sound like I am on the right track? Is $13,500 net doable just starting out? Any advice would be welcome. Thank you in advance and God bless.
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