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years ago, we looked at the average number of mowings people had performed over the years--biweekly and weekly and then came up with a number of mowings that we thought we could include in our contracts--

then, we carefully drafted a letter that we sent to each customer educating them on the benefits of regular mowing (health of turf etc.) and also the need to keep a regular schedule to avoid delays in service and provide a more consistently beautiful lawn-(two types of folks, those who want their yard knocked down when it gets tall an those which like to keep the lawn looking nice--we marketed toward the latter)

we also offered that they could call in 48 hours prior to the scheduled date and cancel and we would skip their yard--

The 'call in' price was slightly high than the contract price--also we added a surcharge if the grass was overgrown and went beyond two weeks to account for the additional work--most all folks opted for the contract--though, most all our customers already had been on a tentative schedule for several years-
your problem will be that it seems as though most of your folks are people who don't necessarily like to keep the lawn looking nice, so you will havee some growing pains-
good luck--
fyi--no 10 day mowing schedule, that will be a nightmare to accomplish week for week--weekly or biweekly on the same day each week--
contracts and the regular mowing day will make your life so much easier and more consistent and easier to plan for other work--
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