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Gross income

I posted to compare myself to how others are doing. Does it matter? I would just like to know. I think I have done well but I don't really know the industry standards.
The numbers I gave are real and current. We are still doing clean-ups and the numbers will get better but I don't know exactly where we will end up for the year.
I also agree the net is the most important and meaningful number. That I am not willing to post. I will say that as I have grown my expenses have increased dramatically. For instance I now have an office person. There is a lot of paperwork to do. Insurance on 5 vehicles and 3 trailers is high.
I have 5 employees including myself. If the growth continues next year I will have to put on 2 new employees. Even at my size employees are a huge problem. They destroy the equipment, are late, don't care about their own or the lawn's appearance, etc. It is hard to find good employees. I have 2 exceptional employees. I could not have expanded without these employees. I keep them year around which increases my expenses, but I think it is a necessary expense to maintain the company.
Also I put almost all of the income back into the company. I only have debt on the two newest trucks. I will take on debt, but I try to pay it off during the next season.
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