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Originally Posted by fakie99 View Post
wow....i've been getting prices like $400-1000 per month to do my SEO. one place told me they don't go near companies who dont spend at least $10,000 PER MONTH on SEO. HA!

i just stopped using my old SEO company that was charging me $400/month, but they had just created a bunch of duplicate pages stuffed with keywords and put that on my website. i believe that will make google unhappy in the long run. what i really need is an SEO outfit to do backlinks, write press releases, basically do some PR on behalf of my site. i can't believe what's happened to SEO monthly pricing.....

a.) at least you recognized you hired a less than reputable company and got out before spending any more money.

b.) no, those prices you list are not out of line by any means, as long as they're doing legitimate work. time is money, and good seo takes time. the key is being on top of what they're doing and legitimately providing for your site's best interest. there are several instances on here where people recommend "their seo guy" and one look at their site tells me they're getting hosed. if you're going to take someone's money like that, at least create plausible deniability by doing the most basic things. empty [H] and [TITLE] tags are kinda noticeable...
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