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The are just some text inside the head part of your pages that tell search engines what your site is about. There are three main ones. One is "title" which is usually 50-65 characters that represents the title of your webpage. Another is "description" which tells the search engine what your site or page is about. This is usually 150-175 characters and you want to use keywords in one or more sentences. The third is "keywords" which is not used by most search engines much any more and this is just a string of keywords that people might search by separated by comas. something like, lawns, mowing, lawn service, lawn mowing Bernvile, cutting grass, leaf removal, snow plowing and etc.

There is probably some format to add them easily with your software.

Go to most any webpage, right click the mouse and you will see an option for "view source", or "view page source" and it open a page that shows the HTML for the web page you are on. Look towards the top of the page and you will see those tags and it will help you understand how to set them up.
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