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Originally Posted by MOW ED View Post
Here is a wierd but relevant topic. I had a dental appointment today and while there I told my dentist about two small bumps on the inside of my lower teeth. These are non painful bumps smaller than a pea but noticeable when I run my finger over them. They are near the front of my mouth about 2 teeth back from midline. I never really noticed this before but it initially concerned me.

Since this happened on the job are you gonna go for disability?

He said not to worry they are a common thing called a tori. Say what? Torus mandibularis to be more precise and medical. He said that this is caused most commonly from CLENCHING. They are benign and don't usually don't cause problems. Its not cancer. It kind of came together then. It could be done in the sleep however I know for a fact that when I am on my Z I am constantly clenching when I hit any kind of a bump. 17 years of clenching on some rough lawns gave me an addition to my yapper. I am thinking of wearing a mouthguard next season.

I have put a picture in that I copied from the internet. Please know that this is NOT my Yap but some guy who posed for a picture of his tori. So I am asking you to check your YAP for any TORI's and report back. What the heck you got nothin better to do between leaves and snow!
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