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Originally Posted by kebrowns View Post
The test is not difficult. The first part is mainly common sense questions you should pass that easily. Just review the questions in the back of each chapter and you will be good. The turf and ornamental can be tricky but a lot of the answers appear in other questions and the rest is common sense and they had 1 calculation question. Make sure you know about the characteristics and damages of the most mentioned bugs in the turf and ornamental sections of the book such as the white grubs, Japanese beetles and the 2 different caterpillars that form web like nets and how to distinguish them from each other. Also know about the 2 beetles that attack trees. Also know the three types of grasses and distinguish them from each other and know your basic crabgrass weeds.
Also know the meaning of peri-annaul and bi-annual. Everything I mentioned you should pass. good luck.
Good stuff thanks.
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