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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Up here you can't even 'deselect' dumping granules on frozen hillside overlooking a Lake... and yes, there is an app for more granules for the Spring rains and another for when the grass is actually growing again...
It always makes one look smart(and professional) when one requires the frozen ground apps...

I hope that LCOs stop that pretty soon, but TGCL leads the pack when it comes to mandatory detrimental apps... So the LCOs would have to figure out for themselves, "What is proper and what is Not"...
Are we going to just copy the big boys or are we willing to take less cash to do it right???

Nobody seems to understand why gov'ts get involved with commanding, "How and When fertilzers may be Applied"""
You bring up some very valid point in concerns to proper apps. My statement was made about down here you are essentially paying the PCO to care for the turf would be how I would put it. A good PCO/LCO will inspect the lawn and give it only what would be needed. If there is not any weeds present then their would not be a need for a application of a control agent. Generally however in our environment with pest and disease there are certain procautions that PCO will make to ensure the customer does not lose their turf to pest during certain times of year as it is not a simple re-seeding the lawn here as their is not a viable seed for St. Augustine.
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