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This is my device for cleaning the carb. It has a vibrator and heat. Not sure how good it does but seems okay.

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This shows the carb setting in the bath. I leave it in about 30 minutes but
I think I will leave them sit overnite then run again.

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This the chemical I use in the bath. I am using more and more of this stuff. I just put it in my van to see if I can clean up injectors and egr. A bucket of it cost $65

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This picture show one of the holes that needs to be checked to be sure they are open. See the wire sticking into the head. Just be sure you move the piston up out of the way then put the wire in and it should go all the way. Pencil shows location of the hole in carb....See the slot next to hole where I have the wire. The hole on the carb lines up with the slot not the hole where the wire is

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This shows the unit running at around 7800 wide open after I put it all
back together. It was idling at around 2200. I set idling just so the trimmer head stops.

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This shows the antiseize goop that I put on all the screws used in aluminum. My trainer told me never to untighten screws in aluminum when they are hot.

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