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Originally Posted by dstifel View Post
The bad part is my mother did not feel the same way when i tried to explain this all to her and suggested the stigma i will go no where without college. IM currently 21 years old and purchased my first house this last spring at the age of 20. It was a cheap house that needs work but all stuff i am able to do. Once again puts me years ahead of all my friends who will get out of college have no money saved up live in apartments for years paying for something they will never get a return on.
most of my generation I'm 45 will tell you that, because it was true for them but with the right desire and some common sense along with some pertinet business classes you will do well, you can't be lazy though, but if you apply yourself you will come out years ahead of your peers, not everyone in my generation went to college so if you did it put you ahead, but these days people with college degrees are a dime a dozen so there is no standing out amongst your peers your just another kid with a degree and no money, why not reverse that and be the kid with a big bank account and no degree not to mention no debt.While your friends are out searching for that $10/hr job still living at home paying off student loans you'll be on your own paying down a mortgage which in turn is building equity and credit which is GOOD debt not bad debt. Just don't let a lil hot tail come along and ruin it all, cause they will.
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