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I do clench and suffer bruxism. It also causes abfraction. That is the chipping away of the enamel at the base of your teeth (gumline), which causes tooth sensitivitiy. Other problems arising from clenching and bruxism are tmj, chronic headaches, sore neck shoulders, facial, and skull muscles, hungover feelings in the morning, feeling beat up and exhausted, etc. This is all because your jaw muscles that extend up your skull are always working at night and don't get the rest they need for recuperation.
I don't know if Tori are reverseable, but if you clench ask about getting fit for the NTI TSS appliance. It is a small and unobtusive bite guard that has saved me a lot of grief by quelling the above symptoms, and reducing the tooth/filling/crown wear, along with the repeated maintenance of those surfaces.
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