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Originally Posted by kyles landscape View Post
how many employees do you have and how did you learn the things you know today??

do you ever work alongside the sub?

as far as bidding the job goes do you talk to the customer then later bring your guy over to see what he can do it for then give the price?
sorry for the delay in responding to you. Things have been pretty hectic the last few days.

At the peak of the season I have 17 guys. But bring on temporary labor when we have large jobs that require more unskilled labor. As far as how I learnt what I know, in high school I went to a trade school for arborculture and landscape, during that time I worked for a number of landscapers on install crews and in design. I took some time away from the industry but then returned and worked for two of the big national fert companies. Learnt what to do and not do from them. I then went and managed a branch for a national landscape distributor. What set me up for success the most was that I always seized every oportunity to take available courses and training I could to learn as much about the industry as I could. Eventually I got sick of telling guys how to properly do things and decided I could do better doing it myself and began subbing for them.

I work along the side some of my subs others we do not, but the important thing is to pay enough attention to how they do things as it will help make it easier for you on future proposals. I can met with a potential client and when discussing the ideas with them I can have some rough ideas of what my subs (pool, concrete, deck) will costs. I also have a rough idea on how long they should all take before I ever send the plans to them for their proposals.

As far as bidding goes, like I said above, some jobs I know about where the subs prices are before hand from previous jobs. I know what different fencing is per foot, cement per foot, different size gunite pools, etc. That atleast lets me get a ballpark price. Before I submit the actual proposal I send the design to the subs and have them provide a price, some need a site visit to give a price, others will just use my info and photos. If it is something new that I am not comfortable with, then I will meet with the sub onsite before hand and go over the ideas with them. Some subs need to meet the client, some dont, but this depends on the scope of the work.
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