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We just did one last week, a new client this year. When I met with them they stated that they only wanted white lights. This was a large $6.4m home and probably the cheapest in the neighborhood. One of those streets with the unwritten rule that everyone uses white and none would dare to add some color. When we were talking their 10yr old daughter and 7yr old son were flipping through my catalogs and kept pointing out all the multicolored lit houses and different lit santas, raindeer etc. But the parents were adamant they wanted only white.

So we did the install and as a surprise I decorated the kids playhouse in the back in multicolored, I had a santa and a couple raindeer that I brought in for a client last year and never used so I put them in the back as well. Of course I first checked to make sure they wouldn't be visible from the street or neighbors yards.

I had just stuck a note in the door for the client explaining the last minute additions in the back. I had said that if he did not approve we would remove it asap, but otherwise we would leave them for the season and he could purchase them next year for the kids at a discount. While we were strapping the ladders on the trucks the family came home. The look on the kids face's when they saw all the white lights was great. But the look when they saw the backyard in color was priceless.
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