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If you are paying cash for all your equipment and have a nest egg to cover the first year, I'd think you should be fine. 13K a year is easily doable the 1st year.

I assume you like doing lawn care. You need to. This kind of work is easy, but it's harder when you're doing it for other people for pay. Based on my averages, if you cut 2 lawns a day (or 40 a month), you'll gross a little over $14K. That's only 10 - 20 customers depending if you cut weekly or bi-weekly. Keep in mind these figures don't include any overhead like gas, maintenence, etc.

How much production you'll get will depend on your equipment as well as your health. I'm 60 years old, have had a spinal injury that makes me about 85% from the waist down, so I can only do 3 lawns at the most if I have to walk behind the mower. I have a riding mower, so I can do more than that.

Looks good to me. just don't kill yourself doing it. Start off slow and let your body get used to the work. It's harder on you than you think.

Good luck.
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