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Originally Posted by Nitroman View Post
rcreech is a lost cause. No offense but you haven't proven anyone wrong, just your opinion.

I'm going to repost my original question so we can get back on task about what this thread was about in the first place. For the majority of those in our industry that provide six apps.

We have a six step turf program, most go with the standard six. Some customers want five so only one summer app instead of two, then there are customers with a taste for wine on a beer budget. They want three or four apps. That's fine save money I get it, but here is my question. Tell me if you agree.

I couldn't figure out years ago why some companies would not give a early fall app to these customers when it's the best time for weed control. They would give a spring, summer, and winterizer. I finally got on board with the same program for these accounts because I don't feel it's fair to give them the "premium" apps i.e. blanket spray and fert when it is the most time consuming round and most expensive. It doesn't seem fair to have all the work load to hire a couple of extra guys April through May and September through October. With less work and revenue through the summer so they can save money. The way I look at it is these people don't care enough about they're turf to get the full program so give them a little weed control & rounds 1 & 6. Thoughts?
There is no such thing as "Right" or "Wrong", therefore you can never be proven wrong... nothing wrong with dumping stuff on lawns during the 3 month drought... nothing right with providing the client with what he's expecting to get for his money...

No!!! it's all about what's fair to me and my guys...
?!?I'm not supposed to make them pay for unnecessary apps during the drought of the typical Summer???

Maybe you don't think that anything is 'right' about professional courtesy, but I have to tell you,,, that your kind of"LCO",,, I openly mock with every h.o., whenever the subject the subject comes up...

When I saw apps being made and duststorms being mowed, this Summer,, I went out of my way to call it a rip-off... and stupid...
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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